Falling Cherry Blossoms

What Im Wearing:  Hair: Nicki – Pastels & Ombres (Doux) Headphones: Kawaii Headphones – Pink (Una @ The Secret Hideout) Choker: Cherry Bloom |Blossom Choker – A (Nani @ The Arcade) Top: Ribbed Halter Top – Baby Blue (Villena @ Kustom9) Shorts: Slouch Denim Shorts – Medium (New Regime @ N21) Churros: Pink Candy (PewPew!) […]

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Sweetheart Lunch

What Im Wearing: Hair: Mija – Blondes (Beusy @ K9) Poms: Wasabi Poms (Beusy) Glasses: Queen of Drama | Pink (*Tentacio*) Drink: Need a Drink? | Soda – Pink (*Tentacio*) Outfit: City at Night | RARE (Amitomo @ K9) Decor:  Vintage Background | Fast Food (Astralia) Soda Machine (*iconic*) Kitteh Fan (MishMish) Lust Neon Sign […]

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Route 66

What Im Wearing:  Hair: Kimiko – Ombres & Pastels (Doux @ TresChic) Glasses: Fabulous Mouse Glasses (Steinwerk) Choker: Choker Luxury *Group Gift* (Scandalize) Bodysuit: Motorsport Wetsuit – RARE (New Regime @ Pocket Gacha Shoes: Candy Boots & Socks – Customization Pack (Reign @ Collabor88) Bike: Motorsport Dirt Bike – Black (New Regime @ Pocket Gacha)

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Neon Haze

What Im Wearing: Hair: Camila – Pastels & Ombres (Doux @ FetishFair 2018) Tongue: Drooly Tongue (K<3P) Choker: Kiara Set – Pink (Pseudo @ K9) Bodysuit & Harness: Kiara Set – Pink (Pseudo @ K9) Background & Decor: Pink Lady Gacha | Ultra RARE – Backdrop (Amitomo @ Sanarae) Pink Lady Gacha | Bed (Amitomo […]

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Cozy Camper

What Im Wearing: Hair: Cozy Camp| Hair – RARE (Nani @ Pocket gacha) Mask: Cozy Camp| Sleeping Mask – A (Nani @ Pocket gacha) Stickers: Peaches Stickers (La Baguette) Outfit: Cozy Camp| Sleepy Outfit *Maitreya* – RARE (Nani @ Pocket gacha) Decor: Cozy Camp| Sleepy Tent – A (Nani @ Pocket gacha) Cozy Camp| Coffee […]

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What Im Wearing: Hair: Rita – Pastels & Ombres (Doux @TheDarkness) Necklace: Jolie Necklace (Supernatural @ Cosmopolitan) Dress: Vivien Dress – Blush (Evani) Decor: Lust Sign: Neon Lust Sign (Floorplan) Gave Your Love Away Gacha – 1,2,3,4,5,6 & RARE skybox (Haikei)

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The Bunny Experiment

What Im Wearing: Hair: The Wasabi Poms – Blondes (Beusy @ The Cosmopolitan) Bodysuit: Natsuki – Pink *Maitreya* (R2 Fashion) Shoes: Natsuki Boots – Pink *Maitreya* (R2 Fashion) Decor:  Cages: White Bunny Cage – Metal (Axix) Mask: Bunny Mask – RARE (Axix) Honey: Honey and Fruits (Axix) Bunnies: Curious, Sleep, Listen (Axix) Tea Set: Sweet […]

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Winter Wonderland

What Im Wearing: Hair: Lima – Pastel & Ombres (Doux @ TresChic) Headpiece: *Play with snow* White (*Tentacio) Neck Fur: Winter Faux Fur Muffler – All Colors (Zenith) Arm Fur: Sexy Fur Sole – White (T.Whore) Outfit: Sweet Santa Pants – Sky (Hazy @ The Arcade) Stockings: Kitty Stockings – White (Reign)

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Santa Baby

What Im Wearing: Hair: Gloria – Pastels & Ombres (Doux) Headband: X’mas Group Gift – 2016 (Zenith) Choker: Velvet Choker (Eclat) Fur: Pelted Fur Jacket – Santa Baby *GROUP GIFT* (Villena) Dress: *All That Glitters* Mistletoe Dress – RARE (Moss&Mink @ The Arcade) Garter: Sexy X’mas Lingerie Legbelt (Zenith) Stockings: Kitty Stockings – White (Reign) […]

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What Im Wearing: Hair: Kitty – Ombres (Doux) Outfit: *Neko Artist* Art School Uniform -MAITREYA- RARE (Nani @ The Arcade) Face Paint: *Neko Artist* Face Paint – Unrigged (Nani @ The Arcade) Palette: *Neko Artist* Paint Palette (Nani @ The Arcade) Rings: Serena Rings – Slink Dynamic (Yummy @ N21) Decor:  Skybox: Art Classroom – […]

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